Ryan Herbst

Home Automation

 My home automation system is formed by a variety of individual elements which are tied together by the xPL protcol. All of the elements of my system operate on the Linux operating system. Historical and configuration information is stored in a MySql database.

In some areas I have used available hardware and software. In some areas I have found it necessary to build my own hardware elements and design my own control software.

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Please tolerate my bad writing. I communicate much better in software/firmware than I do in English (my native language).

Please see each of the sub-system pages below for information about how my home automation system operates.


Web Site:

Future Upgrade Plans:

  • Write new MySql/Web based scheduler software
  • Add touchscreen element to home display panel
  • Add soil moisture sensors to determine when watering is needed
  • Add ZigBee based sensors and device control
  • Add ZibBee/Audriuno based thermostat
  • Add Insteon motion sensors to turn off lights in empty rooms


Amaroq Weather Station

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