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Automated Gate Control & Monitor With Zigbee

by on Jan.11, 2013, under Home Automation

I have meant to post this for a while. Back in March I installed an Zigbee unit on my automatic car gate. This unit allows me to monitor the current state of the gate and open or close it from the home automation system.

Similar to the pedestrian gate sensor it is linked in with the home automation alert system allowing it to send push notification to my smart phone. Previously I had used prowl on my iPhone, but since I have switched to an Android GS3 phone I am using “Notify My Andorid”.

The schematic diagram for the circuit is shown below.

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First Zigbee Sensor

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Home Automation

I just finished my first Zigbee radio project. The purpose of this project is to add a front entry gate sensor to my home automation system in addition to experimenting with Zigbee radios. The picture below shows the radio container to the left and a magnetic switch on the gate opening to the right.

The Zigbee radio is powered by two AAA batteries. The entire circutry is contained in a small black project box which shelters the radio and batteries from the elements. The circuit below shows how the radio is wired.

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Server Issues

by on Dec.27, 2011, under Home Automation

My home based web/email server has been given me trouble lately. From time to time it decides to freeze up for no reason. During these periods my emails will be delayed and attempts to visit my web pages will be rejected. My weather station will also not be updated during this period time since the same server hosts the mysql database.

Please be patient while I sort this out.

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Home Automation Pages Updated

by on Dec.26, 2011, under Home Automation

I have updated all of the home automation pages on my website. These pages document the software and hardware elements of my home automation system. My system is comprised of a mix of custom hardware and software along with commercially available hardware and distributed open source software.



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