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My Patents Were Awarded!

by on Jan.06, 2009, under Uncategorized

I just found out that two patents I had applied for back at Candera were awared on December 30, 2008. Although I had been awared one patent before at Mayan Networks, these two patents are much more gratifiying.

Although I had helped out in the digital implementation of the first patent the design on which the patent was based was not my own. The two recent patents were the direct result of my design ideas (along with others). I had been watching for these patents occasionally over the past few years and had not really expected them to be awared.

Anyway here is the information on the two recent patents from Candera:

7,472,237, Apparatus to offload and accelerate pico code processing running in a storage processor

7,472,231, Storage area network data cache

 And here is the previous one from Mayan Networks:

6,956,858, Network routing table and packet routing method

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